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          Access to our campuses is limited due to COVID-19, but we're still here to support you.

          Why Sheridan?

          We do things differently here.

          In an economy based on innovation and change, leading CEOs agree that creativity is the top skill you can bring to the workplace. Whether you choose policing or programming, musical theatre or marketing, building a resourceful and flexible mind will help you excel in your career and inspire real change that benefits your life and community.

          • 130+ full-time programs

          • 22k full-time students

          • 190k alumni

          • 84% Graduate Employment Rate

          Explore our creative
          campuses online.

          Get to know the places and spaces that are part of the Sheridan experience.

          Davis Campus

          7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton

          • Students 10,800
          • /
          • Classrooms/Labs 228
          • /
          • Programs 64

          Located in Brampton, Davis is our largest campus. An exciting, multicultural hub, it houses our applied health, community services, engineering and technology programs.

          Explore Davis Campus

          Hazel McCallion Campus

          4180 Duke of York Blvd., Mississauga

          • Students 6,600
          • /
          • Classrooms/Labs/Studios 102
          • /
          • Programs 37

          Bright and welcoming, our Hazel McCallion Campus is home to the Pilon School of Business. Built to LEED gold standards, this campus is tucked right in the heart of Mississauga — Canada's sixth-largest city.

          Explore Hazel McCallion Campus

          Trafalgar Road Campus

          1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville

          • Students 8,680
          • /
          • Classrooms/Labs 343
          • /
          • Programs 51

          Located in the lakeside town of Oakville, our Trafalgar Road Campus bustles with energy. The multitude of arts, technology and humanities students mix and mingle to create a thriving and diverse atmosphere.

          Explore Trafalgar Road Campus
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